Our fees for legal services are generally based upon hourly rates. However, for matters of limited scope a fixed fee can be agreed upon. In establishing fees, we take into account the complexity of the matter, the level of expertise required, the responsibility assumed, the urgency of the matter, and the extent and value of the benefit to the client. A retainer is required for matters that involve a substantial immediate commitment of attorney time. Some clients who require legal services on a continuing basis prefer to budget a fixed amount for legal services and enter into annual retainer agreements covering a specified range of services. For representation of plaintiffs seeking monetary recovery, we will consider a contingent fee as an alternative to hourly billing rates.

Clients are responsible for payment of expenses incurred with respect to a particular matter. We advance funds in payment of routine expenses, but request that the client directly pay substantial non-routine expenses.

We normally bill monthly where the fee is based on an hourly rate or where the client has entered into an annual retainer arrangement. For real estate transactions and or for fixed fee matters we bill for legal services at the conclusion of the transaction or matter.